Breakthrough Product of The 21St Century!

Vollara's Air & Surface Pro (Non-Ozone), 

w/ActivePure Technology.


ActivePure Technology Products Proven to 

Eliminate over 99.9% of the Virus that  

Causes COVID-19 in the 

air and on surfaces. 

The Air & Surface Pro (Non-Ozone), with ActivePure is a NASA-Based Technology Proven in FDA-Compliant Military Lab Test to Rapidly Eliminate 99.96% of Airborne SARS-CoV2 Virus. It is the only Technology Available in Products Proven to Reduce COVID-19 in air and and on surfaces. 

The Air & Surface Pro (Non-Ozone), is effective from 500 to 3000 Sq/Ft.  Contact us for areas larger than 3000 Sq/Ft.  

The FDA Cleared this Technology in June 2020 for use in hospitals, and is safe for pets and people.  In tests conducted by one of the world's top biosafety testing facilities, ActivePure deactivated 99.96% of the highly concentrated airborne COVID - 19 virus in a closed room setting in just three (3) minutes. 

Take a few minutes and do your own research!  


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Carefully look around.  You should pay particular attention to the HALL OF FAME ICON and the icons listed below it.  If you believe in science you will be hooked.  Also check out the PRESS RELEASES and the SCIENCETIFIC PROOF icon.  I am certain the more you research the sooner you will call me.

ACCORDING TO ALL THE LATEST RESEARCH FROM EXPERTS, COVID - 19 WILL likely be apart of our lives for a very long time, perhaps forever!  


How Are You Going To Protecting Yourself and

Your Family!  Well, You’re In Luck!  


Recently Vollara Announced A Breakthrough Product Which Was Proven in An FDA Approved Military Testing Facility to Eliminate Over 99.9% of the Virus that Causes the COVID - 19 virus in the air and on surfaces within 3 minutes.  The Air & Surface Pro (Non-Ozone) Covers Indoor Areas From 500 to 3,000 Sq/Ft.


With the Air & Surface Pro (Non Ozone) * You can position yourself, your family and your employees to go on the offensive against the COVID - 19 virus.


If you go outside and return home it is impossible not to bring the COVID - 19 Virus back home with you.  It will be on your clothes and on your body.  What can we do! Most people spend hours each day washing and and cleaning but we all know that we can never clean and wipe everywhere.  The only solution is to have your Vollara Air & Surface Pro send the solution to the polution.


In 2017, ActivePure Technology was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, a Space Foundation program aiming to increase public awareness of the benefits of space exploration and encouraging further innovation of NASA-adapted technologies to improve the quality of life for humanity. 


Of the 75 different techonologies derived from NASA space exploration and inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, over the years, ActivePure was one.  Seven of those Technologies were selected as the best of the best and ActivePure was listed as #1.  BUT don't take my word for it, do your research! Ask Google or Bing the following: What are the 7 Space Technologies That Changed the World, (Notice the #1 listing in both searches)! 


ActivePure Technology is the real deal.


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Vollara Air & Surface Pro (Non-Ozone) 

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"the Colonel"

Carlton L.Dowdy, U.S. Army, (Ret.)

Independent Distributor, Vollara Air & Surface Pr

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PS01:  I typically only have a few of these units in storage at any given time so if you are interested in conducting a five (5) day test drive, let me know soonest.  Also, please allow a couple days for us to make delivery arrangements.  

PS02:  We are actively looking for New Independent Business Owners; However, an application and an interview is required and if you are selected and you are one of the first 30 people selected, we will personally finance all your start-up cost and will continue financing your pre-approved sales for the next ninety (90) days.  Certain restrictions apply!

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