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Please take a few minutes to review each of the following two short videos (total time for both is about 20 minutes):

Intro Video 2 Minutes! 

Small Business Plan Overview 18 Minutes! 



As a business owner myself, I am aware of the many and varied issues that business owners face daily. Based on the latest research, the biggest challenges of all are as followers:

#1- Health Care. Bar-none, one of the most challenging aspects of running a small business comes from managing health care for your employees. 

#2. Government Regulations.  

#3. Federal Income Taxes.  

#4. The Economy.

#5. Tax Compliance.   

#6. Cash Flow.   

#7. Staying Passionate. ...

#8. Not Diversifying Client Bases.  

#9. Growth vs. Quality. ...

#10. Hiring New Employees 

I think that we should also add that Firing Employees should have been listed near thge top of this list. In today's world, you had better do that right. Otherwise, you can be facing some difficulties that you may have never considered. 

Example: Since COVID - 19 became a factor, and many employers had to fire or laid-off some of their employees, Legal Shield Memberships to family members have also soared. Implication: More and More Employees are positioning themselves to be protected legally from employers taking what they perceive to be unfair actions against them. 

You should probably review those two videos again, it is critically important that you understand exactly how we can help you and your business survive well into the future! 

Intro Video 2 Minutes! 

Small Business Plan Overview 18 Minutes!

Now you have a better understanding of how we can help support you and your business. 
Please joins us for a more in-depth look at all the incredible services that we can provide and the cost associated there with; in addition to that, we invite you to attend the following:



As a Business Owner You Need To Know What Your Rights Are As Well As What Your Obligations Are to Your Employees! 

Attend This Small Business Legal Plans Overview and Learn how much support & protection we can provide Your business for less than $1.65 Per Day!

TIME: 7:30 PM Pacific Time / 10:30 PM Eastern Std 

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Plan Coverage & Business Opportunity

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PS01: This is our cooperate plan coverage and business opportunity briefing.  Most of the time I will be in attendance BUT if I am not, no worries, you will be welcome.  If they ask you who sent you... just tell them that, "the Colonel" sent you!

PS02:   There will not be time for any questions but not to worry, I will answer and questions that you may have!

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