Health, Wellness & Wealth, Comes From The Same Source: Mindset!


What If I Told You That You Can Earn A Healty 

Income  By Helping Others To Earn More! 


The World Has Forever Changed 

We are in a "Work From Anywhere" Revolution!


"When you take a walk with someone, 

something  happens that neither of you pays  

attention to; you  will adjust to their pace or

 they  will  adjust to your pace."

- Sidney Poitier  


My Son and I invite you to Come & Take A Walk with Us! 


Typically speaking, the speed at which one walk reflects their Mindset, and that Mindset will help us determine how and if we can help them!


"The most important question anyone can

 ask is: "What myth am I living?"

- Carl Jung 

"The #1 secret to getting out of debt faster is  

understanding your mindset; the #2 secret to 

getting out of debt faster is to make more

money!" - "the Colonel" 

About Your Mindset 

Although everyone's Mindset is unique in many different areas, knowing and recognizing the most common mindset types will be helpful when making all the decisions you make throughout your life and especially those related to money. 


The three basic mindsets are: 






Let's take a moment to look at the three basic mindsets!


The person with the fixed Mindset thinks of themselves in the followings ways:

I don't have time * I will probably fail * I am good at it, or I am not good at it * Fear of failure is a big thing with me * I don't do well under pressure * You can,t change who you are * I am the curse of my parents. A fixed mindset will inhibit everything you set out to do, limiting your potential.  


Not long ago I was shopping at a local store and there was a young lady with a 5 or 6 year old child with her.  The mother ask the child, "Would You Like This Toy!"  The child immediately responded, "That's to Hard!" His response made me feel sad! 


At 6 years old who did this child learn that response from!  What if the mother had said, yes son, at first clance it appears hard but I am sure that because you are such a smart young man, I am sure you will be able to learn how it works in a very short time!


I can learn to do anything that interests me * I like a challenge * My attitude and efforts will get me through anything * I have a "let's do it" mentality * Failure is not an option for me. I like a challenge.  


The benefit mindset is seldom discussed but was the guiding light to my financial successes. The Benefit Mindset will keep your goals and your why up close and personal. This is where the most tangible success and wealth are derived.  

Collectively, these three mindsets reflect our most common beliefs about ourselves, our environment, the world around us, and also "OUR MONEY!" Success in all areas, including your financial achievements, is greatly affected by your MINDSET! Of course, there are middle-ground areas and times when we revert back or spring forward, but the primary three mindsets remain.



We are Independent Business Startup Consultants. We are what you may call headhunters! We recruit talent for what we believe to be the top two (3) Business Opportunities of the 21st Century. Not only do we recruit talent for these three businesses, but we are also active players in two of these businesses. 


Typically, we would not recommend that you or anyone consider starting two separate businesses simultaneously; however, it is fair to say that my son and I started both companies within days of each other. We were desperate! 


My son has since created two businesses from scratch, and they both have propelled his income pass mine (not an easily done). I trained him well!


One of the most powerful things we both learned about becoming financially free and building wealth is this:


You must be absolutely clear on your WHY! 

OUR WHY was to be able to make our house payments. I promised to give my son the home we live in the day he presented me with a College Degree (Master's in Hand)!  Since that time, we have purchased and retained or sold eight homes. No doubt, we have been blessed!  But I think our greatest blessing came from being clear on our, WHY and our Mindset!


Once you learn that it is not how hard you work at rowing your boat but, more importantly, how many people are in the boat rowing with you and the type of boat you are paddling, everything will change! 


We invite you to spend a couple hours with us, one hour reviewing each of our businesses:

Every Monday Through Saturday as follows:  



 Every Monday of Each Week!

Time: 5 PM Pacific / 10 PM EST

Zoom ID: 889 9068 6494 

PW: Vollara




 Every Tuesday of Each Week!

Time: 7 PM Pacific / 10 PM EST

Zoom ID:  404 655 9036

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Legal & Identity Theft Services 




By Appointment Only! 

Zoom ID: 526 223 5826  

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Every Friday of Each Week

Time: 2:25 PM Pacific / 5:25 PM EST 

Zoom ID:  214 490 4904 

No PW Required 





Every Saturday of Each Week

Time: 8:00 AM Pacific / 11:000 AM EST 

Zoom ID:  214 490 4904 

No PW Required 



We are positioned to provide you with as much training as you could ever want or need in either or both areas, and of course, we will always be available to assist and guide you on your path to financial freedom and wealth!


If you would like a sneak peek at how we were able to save our family home from foreclosure and later purchased and sell or keep as seven rentals, stops,  Here! &  Here! 

One Final Note: We understand that not everyone can maintain our schedule but the more you understand the easer it is to change your financial life, and the quicker you will be on your way to financial freedom! 


There is an old saying, "All Roads Leads To Rome." Well, in the case of your Financial Freedom and Building Wealth, we can also say, "All of Your Successes Must First Pass Through Your Mindset!"

We also mentioned that we all move between the three mindsets at times; however, we ask that you take some time to determine which of the three mindsets is your Dominant Mindset!  For example, whether you feel yours is a Fixed Mindset, Growth Mindset, or Benefit Mindset.  

Please call us if you have a Fixed Mindset but have decided to move forward. If you are happy with your present situation, we wish you the very best! On the other hand, if you have a Growth Mindset or Benefit Mindset, we can almost guarantee your success while working with us!


"the Colonel" & Randy

Carlton L. Dowdy, U.S. Army, (Ret.)

Dowdy Financial Incorporated 

aka Back Door Secrets To Financial Freedom & Building Wealth! 


PS01: Once you have reviewed your Mindset Type and attended one or more of our Thursday Zoom meetings, let's talk. Finally, I ask that if you commit, commit! So little can be accomplished without a commitment!


PS02:  We are assuming that your Plan A is your present "Job" at least until you can get your plan B up and running. 


PS03:  About 5 years ago, we added what could easily be our Plan C, but because there are only 24 hours in a day, we decided to put this opportunity on the shelf and just use some of their excellent products. Here! 


Welcome to a financially secure future... if you so choose!


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